Tomb Raider: The Legend of the Seven Golden Fingers Game Review

For those who are not familiar with Tomb Raider: The Legend of the Seven Golden Fingers, it is an online adventure game that pits the player against a variety of enemies in order to clear the path to a more intriguing world that was once sealed off by a mysterious force. This game is the spiritual successor to Tomb Raider: Anniversary, which is one of the most enjoyable video games of all time. Tomb Raider: The Legend of the Seven Golden Fingers is also considered as an updated version of the first game, making it even more enjoyable for people who have already played the previous installment.


As seen in the first game, the story revolves around a group of survivors who are trying to find a way to break into a safe zone so they can escape from the dangerous world of the Amazon jungle. However, they are not in a safe zone since they are being stalked by a band of creatures known as the “Papers,” which are notorious for taking human form. The survivors find themselves trapped between a rock and a hard place since their only real option is to use the ancient weapons that they have gathered. Using these weapons, the survivors must then kill the “Papers” in order to continue their journey towards freedom.


In the first Tomb Raider: The Legend of the Seven Golden Fingers, players could choose between male and female characters. However, this time, the choice is entirely yours. There are many females to choose from such as the Amazon warrior, the Amazon princess, and even the beautiful Amazon thief, who were featured in the original Tomb Raider games. These characters have the benefit of being much more versatile than their male counterparts, which allows them to be more versatile in leveling up and getting to level caps. Also, there is another character to choose from such as the archaeologist, who has an ability called Archaeology, allowing him to create a map of his surroundings, where he can find hidden artifacts and other treasures that help his team in the process of completing quests.


The other character that you will get to control in the game is the hunter, who is one of the most effective characters in the game. With his bow and arrows, the hunter is capable of dealing a lot of damage to the enemies that he faces, making it possible for the team to clear out the entire jungle without having to worry about the creatures that were once contained inside the cave. The hunter is also equipped with powerful combat skills such as the Hunting Bow, which allows him to call upon a variety of beasts like the Amazon Wolf and the Cat to attack the enemies that he encounters. The hunter is also very good at scouting his surroundings for areas where there may be treasure chests and other valuable items. There are also several types of weapons that the hunter has to choose from, including his axe, which allows him to do a lot of damage to multiple enemies at the same time.


In terms of gameplay, the main goal of the game is to try and find as many artifacts and treasures as you can throughout your journey to complete the different areas of the game. You will also have to solve puzzles in order to unlock various parts of the game and get to more areas of the island, which is where the game really shines. The graphics of the game look nice and the controls are smooth, but they are not as well-designed as those of the previous installment, making this game not quite as enjoyable as the previous one.


Overall, Tomb Raider: The Legend of the Seven Golden Fingers is a great game, but does not reach the heights that the original Tomb Raider: Anniversary did. However, this game is still enjoyable enough to be played, especially for fans of the series.